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Kerem Avital

About us

Kerem Avital Olive Oil is wholly produced, 100% from only the olives grown on the olive orchard of Yossi and Judy Avital on Moshav Megadim in Israel.  

Yossi Avital, born on Moshav Megadim, has successfully farmed all types of crops through the years: vegetables, bananas and more. 

Judy, was born in the United States, the world of farming and agriculture very foreign to her, until she met Yossi.  Judy's experience in marketing and business operations in the high tech sector has given her the knowledge and experience needed to build the Kerem Avital brand and to provide a high quality of customer service and customer value worthy of the quality product produced by Kerem Avital.

For Yossi, planting an olive grove in 2009 for production of high quality olive oil has been a dream come true. "To see the oil flowing from the press and taste it, this is the highlight of the year for me".

The Avital orchard grows two types of olives:  Cortina, an Italian strain, similar in taste to the spicier Syrian or Souri olives, and Barnea a strain developed in Israel, which has a more delicate taste.

Both types produce a superior quality of olive oil.


All the oil marketed by Kerem Avital is a combination of both which results in a unique and special home blend of quality, extra virgin olive oil that is highly regarded by customers everywhere.  

Most of the oil production process is done on the Avital farm by Yossi and the Avital family. There is very strict supervision during the harvest; the crops are picked and rushed to the press the same day, assuring high quality oil.  Harvest time is an exciting time at Kerem Avital, with long days that start early in the morning harvesting and picking the olives and pressing the olives of that day's harvest at the mill. 

The olive harvest period is once a year typically between November and February.

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