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Kerem Avital

On Olive Oil

Did you know that olives are actually a fruit and olive oil is the juice of the fruit?

Like any other fruit, each variety of that fruit (think of apples) has a distinct taste.  This is also true of olives.

Olive oil can be produced from one type, or strain, of olives or it can be a mix or blend of different types to produce a special and unique taste!

The time of harvest can greatly affect the oil produced. The taste of the oil varies greatly depending on the time of harvest.  Our olives are picked when the olives on the trees are 50/50 - green / black - sometime between November and January.


Green olives are less ripe, producing an oil that has a bitter, pungent and more powerful flavor.

Black olives, which are more ripened, product a more delicate and mild tasting oil

Olive trees are widely known for their strong tendency for alternate bearing of fruit, which severely affects the fruit yield from year to year.  

Trees can yield a large abundant crop one year and then a small crop the following year.

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